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Why You Should Consider Shrink Wrapping Your Patio Furniture

Shrink Wrapping Patio Furniture Will Protect It From Snow, Pests, and More

Photo of patio furniture in summer.
Are you shrink wrapping your patio furniture to keep it in good shape?

When the weather’s warm, we love to spend time relaxing outside on our patio furniture. You can just sit outside, read a book, enjoy the breeze, and have a bonfire when it starts to get dark. However, if you invested in a nice arrangement of patio furniture, you should take steps to protect that investment. Have you considered shrink wrapping your patio furniture when it’s not in use?

Shrink wrapping patio furniture is the most effective way to store your patio furniture during winter, moves, and other times when you’re not using it. Here’s a breakdown of why you might want to shrink wrap your outdoor furniture, and how it’s done.

How Does Shrink Wrapping Patio Furniture Protect It?

There are two primary times when you should consider using shrink wrap on your patio furniture: winter and moving. The elements can degrade the condition of your furniture in both these scenarios. Shrink wrap will seal those elements out. That’ll protect the quality of your tables, chairs, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, and other outdoor furniture.

Shrink Wrapping Outdoor Furniture for Winter

Photo of outdoor furniture covered in snow, which can be prevented with shrink wrapping.
All that snow on your furniture will deteriorate the wood. Prevent that by shrink wrapping it!

Winter brings all sorts of weather conditions that can damage unprotected furniture. Snow, hail, and freezing rain can all collect on your furniture, and then melt. The weight, moisture, and extreme temperature changes from these weather conditions can be damaging to your patio furniture.

This is especially true if your outdoor furniture contains fabric upholstery, cushions, pillows, and other soft materials. However, it also applies to wicker, plastic, wood, and metal. The moisture, temperature changes, and dirt from snowfall, melting ice, etc. will warp those materials.

Wind is also an issue. If left outside, a particularly bad snowstorm can knock your furniture over and damage it.

So, what do you do?

Typically, homeowners will place their outdoor furniture into storage, put it in a shed or garage, or throw a tarp over it. Shrink wrapping it instead is superior to all three of those options, though.

You won’t have to pay for long-term storage and transport. You won’t have the furniture inconveniently taking up space in your garage or basement. Shrink wrap even protects your furniture better than a tarp.

Shrink wrapping your patio furniture will provide a thick layer of durable material that keeps out the wind, rain, snow, sleet, and whatever other elements come your way. With shrink wrap, you can leave your furniture shrink wrapped on your patio or deck, and not have to worry about it again until spring. Come spring, you just cut away the wrapping material and enjoy your furniture in the same condition it was before!

Shrink Wrapping Outdoor Furniture for Storage

Photo of deck furniture in patio area.
Your patio furniture looks clean and comfy. Don’t let it get covered in spider webs and chewed up by mice while in storage.

There are times when you have to place some of your possessions into storage. Maybe you’re moving, or maybe you’re doing home renovations. Whatever the case, you want your things to be safe and secure until you’re ready to use them again.

When you place furniture into long-term storage, it’s vulnerable to moisture, pests, dust, and more. To keep your patio furniture safe while it’s in storage, why not shrink wrap it?

You never know how the conditions in the storage facility may fluctuate while you’re away. The air can get dusty or humid, and bugs or rodents could get in. Those elements can ruin fabric and cause wood to warp, swell, crack, or even rot.

The last thing you want is to open up your storage unit and find your couch or chairs covered in bedbugs, gnaw marks, spider eggs, or webs. You also don’t want your wood furniture and seat cushions to get chewed up by termites or mice.

Shrink wrapping your outdoor furniture will prevent that and preserve its condition. Shrink wrapping your patio furniture while in storage will seal out mice, termites, moisture, dust, and whatever else your furniture might come into contact with.

That way, your furniture will be clean and ready to use once you bring it out of storage.

How Do You Shrink Wrap Patio Furniture?

Photo of deck furniture covered in shrink wrap material.
Unlimited Shrinkwrap applied shrink wrap to this deck furniture. Now it’s safe to leave it outdoors in most weather conditions.

Shrink wrapping outdoor furniture is mostly the same as shrink wrapping anything else. As with any shrink wrap operations, there’s some prep work that needs to be done.

  1. First, make sure there’s plenty of room to move around the furniture.
  2. Next, you want to assemble your furniture into a cluster. If your patio furniture consists of a table and chairs, you can drape a layer of shrink wrap material over the table. Then, stack the chairs onto the table upside-down. This will make it easier to wrap as one unit, while preventing the furniture from rubbing together and creating scratches.
  3. The pieces should then be tied together, and any sharp corners or edges covered in padding. This will keep the contents secure and prevent corners from piercing the wrap.
  4. Roll the shrink wrap material off of the rack directly over the furniture. It’s important to avoid letting the material touch the ground so it doesn’t pick up dirt and debris.
  5. Cut off the excess material at the corners so that seams line up. These corners can then be taped to hold them in place.
  6. Next, secure the base with a perimeter band, tightened with a buckle and strap tensioning tool.
  7. We then weld the base and seams with the heat gun we use for shrink wrapping.
  8. Once the seams are sealed, we shrink the remaining material.
  9. Finally, we install a vent to maintain consistent air quality inside the shrink wrap, and patch up any holes that occurred.

Sounds complicated? In that case, let the professionals make it easier for you! Unlimited Shrinkwrap has performed numerous residential shrink wrapping operations over the years. Check out our portfolio to see examples of professional shrink wrapping in McHenry, IL and the greater Chicago area!