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Picture of shrink wrap being used to cover large machinery and equipment.

How to Shrink Wrap Boats and Other Large Objects

We’ve been applying shrink wrap for over a decade, so we’ll share our expertise. We’ll show you how to use shrink wrap equipment on your own. First, we’ll explain how to prepare the area. Then, we’ll go over how to safely apply the shrink wrap itself. We will look at this process for boats first and then other objects.

7 Tips to Travel with Your Vehicle Stress-Free

7 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Are you planning on moving or doing some extensive travel this summer? Do you want to bring your classic 57 Chevy along but are afraid of damaging it? Take your vacation and bring your baby too! There are proper ways to prepare and pack your car so that it doesn’t get damaged along the way. […]

Transportation Shrinkwrap by Unlimited Shrinkwrap

Transportation Shrink Wrap and Travel

As if traveling is not already stressful enough ensuring that you and all of your belongings get to your destination on time and in one piece. Protecting large items and machinery while traveling can be quite difficult especially during harsh weather conditions. Unlimited Shrinkwrap is here to tell you how to solve all your traveling […]

Why Boat Shrinkwrap by Unlimited Shrinkwrap

Why Shrink Wrap My Boat?

For those of us who must leave their boat in the elements of the off season: Winter is coming and you wonder “What is all of this talk about shrink wrap? I have a perfectly good tarp”. Well yes, a tarp is a good start. However, it will require you consistently trudging through the blizzards […]