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An image showing industrial equipment shrink wrapped.

Not Just Boats: Who Needs Mobile Shrink Wrapping Services?

Mobile Shrink Wrapping Helps More than Just Boat Owners. Find Out Why! Did you know that shrink wrap is used for more than just protecting boats? The truth is that shrink wrap can protect all sorts of valuable items. Shrink wrap benefits commercial and residential clients by sealing in their belongings underneath a tough, durable [...]
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Equipment for Personal, Commercial, and Industrial Shrink Wrap

Did you know you could shrink wrap your car? Your boat? Your… Nuclear reactor turbine? It seems like everything can be shrink wrapped. Wherever there’s an object of any size that needs to be protected from the elements, there’s an opportunity to apply this technique for keeping property safe. That’s not to say shrink wrapping is the same for each of these instances, though. Personal, commercial, and industrial shrink wrap require distinct processes and different sets of equipment to get the job done.

What Kinds of Commercial Equipment Can Shrink Wrap Protect?

If there’s one defining characteristic about humanity that always continues to astound and amaze, it’s our drive to create. The number and variety of industries out there is a testament to our raw ambition to make things, and it’s mind-boggling how much technology has been developed for any one of these industries alone. Sprawling factories […]

Shrink Wrap for Commercial Equipment?

Why You Should Consider Shrink Wrap for Commercial Equipment When we think of commercial and industrial grade equipment, we often marvel at how “rough and tumble” these items can be and often never consider the possibility of them becoming damaged. But, there may come a time when commercial equipment owners need to move or store […]