Residential Shrink Wrap

We proudly showcase our biggest and most challenging shrink wraps—boats, construction equipment, etc. However, shrink wrap isn’t only for boaters and businesses with big machines sitting around. Shrink wrap helps homeowners keep furniture and other property safe during a move or while it’s in storage.

Read on to see some of the possibilities and benefits of residential shrink wrap.

Shrink Wrapping Furniture for Moving and Storage

Picture of local residents protecting their patio furniture with white shrink wrap.When you move, you generally have to transport a lot of furniture. Sometimes, this furniture is expensive, delicate, or simply prone to damage because it’s made of wood. In any case, you want it to reach its destination safely, without risk of damage from moisture, pests, or heat.

Other times, you may have some furniture you don’t have space for at the moment, so you decide to place it into storage. Maybe you store it in an actual storage facility, or maybe you put it in your basement, attic, or shed. Either way, you don’t want to leave your furniture exposed to elements that can damage it, especially if it’s going to be sitting there for a while.

This is where residential shrink wrap comes in. It’s durable, water resistant, and shrinks to fit the furniture with the tightest seal possible, ensuring it doesn’t take up any extra space or get caught on anything during the move. It’ll protect your furniture from humidity, temperature fluctuations, and pests like insects or rodents.

Not only will this prevent damage to your furniture, but it can also potentially save you money by making it easier to use a self-service mover.

Shrink Wrap for Other Residential Assets

Picture of a golf cart being protected from elements with shrink wrap.Residential shrink wrap isn’t just limited to furniture, either. Maybe you want to keep pests out of your lawnmower or RV while you store it for the winter. Maybe you have a greenhouse you want insulated to protect the plants inside. Maybe a storm knocked a hole through your roof and you want it patched up until you can make repairs. All of these are situations where shrink wrap can protect your property from being damaged by the elements.

However, no matter what it is you’re shrink wrapping, doing it on your own without professional guidance can be a mistake. You might trap moisture inside, which can damage the varnish on wooden furniture as well as ruin electronics. Alternatively, you might apply too much heat, or create a weak seal that later breaks.

That’s why rather than shrink wrapping it yourself, you should get experts like the team at Unlimited Shrinkwrap to do it. We’ve been installing residential shrink wrap in McHenry, IL for over a decade now. We know when to install vents, and when it’s appropriate to leave desiccant packets inside the shrink wrap. We even offer the option of installing a zipper opening, so that you can open it up and check inside at any time.

So, if you live in the greater Chicagoland area and need shrink wrap services, give us a call! Our company started as a small local operation in McHenry. But as more and more people heard of our quality services, we grew by leaps and bounds. Still, we are proud to say that although our service area has vastly increased, our dedication to personalized service has not waned.

You deserve the peace of mind of knowing your possessions are safe and sound. Contact us today to get the quality and professional shrink wrap services you’ve been looking for.

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