Industrial Shrink Wrap

Industrial projects demand highly-trained crews and optimized conditions every step of the way. Nobody wants to have to stop work because of the weather or because some equipment got damaged. Industrial shrink wrap can ensure that work goes according to plan by protecting your equipment and helping create controlled work spaces.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of shrink wrap in industrial-scale projects.

Protecting Heavy-Duty Equipment

Picture of an industrial cherry picker wrapped in shrink wrap.Industrial machinery goes through a lot of wear and tear. The last thing you want is to add to that by leaving it exposed to the elements during transportation and storage. Industrial shrink wrap will help preserve the condition of large machines by creating a seal that keeps out moisture, dust, heat, pests, and more.

A few examples of the types of equipment our team shrink wraps include:

  • Road Construction and Gravel Pit equipment
  • Oil Pipeline equipment
  • Power and Energy Industry equipment
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Heavy Machinery

Shrink wrapping these types of equipment will prevent moisture, dust, and pests like rodents or insects from penetrating inside during shipping and storage. This can prevent corrosion, mold growth, damage to electronics, and more. For you, that potentially means lower maintenance costs and longer lifespans for your equipment.

Creating Controlled Work Spaces

Another valuable use for industrial shrink wrap is creating enclosed, insulated spaces within your work environment. Rather than shrink wrapping an object, our team can use shrink wrap to seal in a room, construction site, or other area. This can be useful for heat retention, containment of dust and fumes, and more.

The two most common applications for shrink wrapping entire spaces are new construction, and work that produces fine particles in the air.

New Construction: Shrink wrap can be put up around a construction site to protect the structure from rain, snow, dust, debris, and pests while workers are on- and off-site. It can also increase the property’s security by sealing off entrances to discourage squatters and vandals. Alternatively, you can put up shrink wrap around scaffolding to potentially increase safety by stopping dropped tools. Finally, shrink wrap can help you regulate temperatures, to keep workers more comfortable and reduce your heating costs during winter work.

Painting, Sandblasting, and Powder Coating: If some workers are performing these operations in one part of your work site, you want to limit the dust, fumes, and fine particles to that area, and keep other nearby workers from being affected. Shrink wrapping the area and installing vents in the wrap makes it easier to regulate the air flow in and around these work spaces.

Unlimited Shrinkwrap Is the Team You Want

When taking on industrial-scale projects, you definitely want a team that has experience handling this sort of work. The team of professionals here at Unlimited Shrinkwrap has completed shrink wrap operations on equipment valued as high as $2 million. We’ve executed these contracts for both state-funded projects and private companies, including NPL and the Vector Pipeline.

Our technicians have years of experience shrink wrapping all sorts of heavy-duty equipment and work spaces. Best of all, we provide mobile service, so we bring our gear to you and perform the job on-site, keeping the process as efficient as possible. Browse our portfolio of completed projects and give us a call today!

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