Commercial Shrink Wrap

Whether your business need to keep something in or keep something out, shrink wrap is the solution to a wide range of commercial needs. This thick, durable material creates a tight, waterproof seal around any object or area, helping you maintain the condition of assets and work spaces in a variety of different situations.

No matter what you specialize in, whether you produce consumer goods or manufacture parts for other companies, shrink wrap can help you improve your operations to be more efficient. Let’s review some of the many ways that businesses can use commercial shrink wrap to their benefit.

Commercial Shrink Wrap Applications

Picture of tables and chairs from a restaurant wrapped in white shrink wrap.So, how can your organization use shrink wrap? There are many options, but here are a few general categories of commercial uses for shrink wrap:

Product Shipments: Shrink wrap is superior to other packaging and protection methods because it creates a drum-tight seal of industrial-grade polyethylene. This shrink film keeps out moisture, dust, heat, UV rays, pests, and other elements far more effectively than any tarp or other such method. If you have a large shipment of products that you’re sending to a buyer or distributor, shrink wrap is your best choice to preserve its condition along the way.

Commercial Equipment: If you’re placing expensive tools or delicate equipment into temporary storage, or moving into a new location, or setting up a temporary work site “out in the wild”, you want your gear to work properly once you need it. Shrink wrap offers effective protection against corrosion, dust, pests, and other elements in these situations. This lets you add an extra layer of defense, increase the longevity of your equipment, and could even save you additional money by letting you keep the equipment on-site instead of having to rent additional storage space.

Temporary Work Environments: Speaking of temporary work sites, you can also use shrink wrap to enclose an entire space like a construction site. By erecting a support structure and then shrink wrapping it, you can create self-contained work environments. This shields the site from elements like wind, rain, and snow, provides heat retention to increase worker comfort and decrease heating bills, and helps contain pollutants and dust particles from sandblasting and other such operations.

Site Security: In addition to keeping out the elements, shrink wrap also helps keep out unwanted visitors. Shrink wrapping a site can be an effective way to deter nuisance problems including rodents, birds, and graffiti. It can also discourage people from entering off-limits areas, buildings under construction, and property under investigation. At the same time, we can install discrete zippers or doorways to maintain convenient points of entry for your team.

These are just a few common types of commercial shrink wrap applications. If you have other ideas, we’ll be happy to work with you to find a solution!

Team Up with Unlimited Shrinkwrap!

Picture of commercial equipment wrapped in blue shrink wrap.When you introduce outsiders into your process, you want to be sure that the people you’re partnering with are experienced professionals who share your goals and understand your needs. That’s why you want to partner with Unlimited Shrinkwrap.

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