Shrink Wrap Services

Shrink Wrap Services by Unlimited Shrinkwrap

What Is Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap is the absolute best way to protect almost any object from the elements during storage or transport. This plastic film is formulated so that it shrinks when heat is applied to it, giving it the ability to form a drum-tight seal around whatever object it’s wrapping. The shrinking process also makes the plastic stronger when done properly, allowing it to withstand more threats.

Wherever you want to keep the elements out, there’s an application for shrink wrap. We wrap boats, cars, and other vehicles, as well as industrial machinery, furniture, airplane components, and more. You can even shrink wrap an entire construction site to create a self-contained, temperature-controlled work environment.

You can use shrink wrap to:

  • Cover or conceal items better than a tarp
  • Keep items safe during short- or long-term storage
  • Transport items safely and securely
  • Keep out moisture, dirt, debris, and pests
  • Protect against weather including rain, hail, storm, sun, and wind

There are several different types of shrink wrap material. Here at Unlimited Shrinkwrap, we use an industrial-grade UV-resistant polyethylene for heavy-duty jobs. This is some of the toughest material out there, and will keep your items the safest they can be.

What’s the Application Process Like?

So, how do we carry out a shrink wrap operation? Here’s a step-by-step overview of the process:

  1. First, our team sets up a support structure for the shrink wrap. This structure gives the object a better shape for the shrink wrap and helps rain and snow slide off for objects that will be outside.
  2. Then, we mount foam padding on all the sharp corners and edges to keep them from piercing the shrink wrap material during shrinking.
  3. Next, depending on the size and dimensions of the object being wrapped, we wind commercial twine around the bottom and may even bring out some additional tie-downs. These precautions will keep the shrink wrap from moving in the wind during an outdoor shrink wrap operation.
  4. Finally, we drape the shrink film over the object, fold it under the twine, and heat the edges of the wrap material all around the twine.
  5. From here, all that’s left is to use the shrink wrap heat gun in sweeping motions across the shrink wrap material to shrink it. This ensures the shrink film will shrink evenly and form a tight seal all around the object.

What Different Uses Are There for Shrink Wrap?

Here’s a handful of the types of shrink wrap projects we tackle at Unlimited Shrinkwrap:

Picture of an industrial cherry picker in a warehouse and wrapped in shrink wrap.

There are all sorts of industrial applications for shrink wrap, including transporting road construction and gravel pit equipment, protecting new construction and new paint, preserving healthcare equipment, and more. If you have heavy machinery, you can use shrink wrap.

Picture of commercial unit covered in shrink wrap to protect from weather.

Commercial applications for shrink wrap include protecting equipment from the elements, providing job site security and heat retention to temporary work environments, defending work sites from graffiti and rodents, and keeping people out of properties under investigation and other sensitive areas.

Picture of a backyard with a table covered in shrink wrap.

Any asset no matter how big or small is worth protecting. Whether you want your RV, personal watercraft, or outdoor furniture wrapped for storage, or your belongings wrapped for a move, or your hot tub wrapped for the winter, we can do it and even install zippered doors if you want.

Picture of a boat outside and wrapped in shrink wrap.

There are two key situations where you’d want to shrink wrap your boat: winterization and transport. If you’re driving your boat across the country or getting ready for winter, shrink wrap will protect it from the elements better than any tarp ever could.

Picture of an plane covered in shrink wrap.

When an aircraft or aviation component is being trucked across the country, it encounters weather conditions that it wouldn’t see during flight. Our shrink wrap will ensure it arrives in the same condition it was in before it left.

Picture of a truck wrapped in shrink wrap before being transported on a flatbed.

Shrink wrap delivers top-tier protection during transportation of valuable equipment. Shipping companies and other businesses utilize shrink wrap as a superior alternative to traditional packaging methods when moving expensive equipment.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why use shrink wrap instead of a plastic tarp?

Shrink wrap comes in many different sizes and thicknesses depending on the application. When installed properly, shrink wrap is tougher than a tarp and much tighter around the product. This helps eliminate stretching and tearing due to wind. It also keeps the plastic from scratching the surface of the object it’s on. Our shrink wrap materials additionally contain UV inhibitors to prevent the sun damage which tarps are vulnerable to.

What can shrink wrap cover?

Shrink wrap can cover anything! Bridges, construction sites, large equipment, airplanes, cars, houses, boats, furniture—the list is endless. For exceptionally large objects, multiple sheets of shrink film can be welded together to form a single large piece of material. This lets us wrap objects of any size.

Can I recycle my used shrink wrap?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Many county and state recycling facilities will accept shrink wrap.

Can shrink wrap damage a product?

It can, if not properly installed. Shrink wrap requires a lot of heat to make it shrink, so the person applying the heat must know exactly how much to use. A qualified installer will take extra precautions when prepping a product to ensure heat damage won’t be a problem.

Are there things that shouldn’t be shrink wrapped?

Yes. Different factors have to be taken into account for special products such as wooden or painted boats. If not properly vented, shrink wrap can trap small amounts of moisture between itself and the product and cause problems. If you have a product that you’re not sure about, give Unlimited Shrinkwrap a call to discuss your project.