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Why Should I Shrink Wrap My Belongings in Long-Term Storage?

Shrink Wrap Provides a Valuable Extra Layer of Protection for Items in Storage

Are you getting ready to move some of your belongings into storage? Do you have a boat, car, or motorcycle that you want to stow away for winter? Do you need to keep your furniture safe somewhere while you’re moving or renovating? When you’re considering the possibility of long-term storage, it’s the perfect time to also look into shrink wrap.

Applying shrink wrap to your belongings before you place them into a storage unit is an effective way to preserve their condition. Whether it’s a boat, a chair, or a trampoline, shrink wrap will protect your property from dust, moisture, pests, temperature changes, and more.

Here are some common things you might want to shrink wrap before long-term storage.

Shrink Wrap Your Furniture and Other Residential Possessions

Picture of heat shrink wrap used for storing items.Sometimes when you’re going through a change in living situations, such as during a move or extensive renovations, you need to find someplace to put some of the possessions in your home. Couches, televisions, it could be anything. As a result, you may be mulling whether or not to place those things in a secure unit at a storage facility. If you do pursue that option, you may want to consider applying shrink wrap before you store it away.

One big threat that shrink wrap will help you protect against is moisture. You never know how the conditions in a storage facility may change while you’re away—air can get humid, dusty, etc. Keeping out moisture is key to preserving the condition of many of your household items. Wood can warp or rot, and upholstery can deteriorate. Shrink wrap prevents that and preserves the condition of your furniture.

Shrink wrap will also keep out another major threat to your possessions: pests, both large and small. The last thing you want is for termites to eat at the wood, or for spiders or bedbugs or some other insect to infest your possessions with eggs, webs, etc. You also don’t want mice or other rodents chewing a hole through the upholstery on the back of your couch and making a home in the frame.

This applies to more than just furniture, too. If you’re storing appliances or large electronics such as sound systems, then you’ll want to keep small rodents like mice from crawling inside. Shrink wrap creates a secure seal with a tough plastic material that keeps out these unwanted pests.

Maintain the Condition of Your Vehicles with Shrink Wrap

Another time when you may want to store some of your possessions is winter. This includes patio furniture, as well as landscaping equipment that you won’t be needing. You may want to shrink wrap both those things for many of the same reasons already listed above.

However, have you thought about shrink wrapping your classic car? What about your boat or motorcycle?

For all such vehicles, there are extended periods of the year where you can’t get much use out of them and you’d rather put them somewhere safe until it’s time to bring them back out again. When you’re looking for a storage unit to resolve this issue, consider shrink wrap as well.

Many people just throw a tarp over their boat or car, but this isn’t an optimal way to maintain the condition of the vehicle. Shrink wrap creates a drum-tight seal that doesn’t leave space between the vehicle and the material. This means it keeps out moisture, dust, and pests, preventing corrosion, mold, and paint damage.

If you’re considering putting some of your possessions into long-term storage, give Unlimited Shrinkwrap a call at 815-759-8944. We’ve been applying quality shrink wrap in McHenry, IL and the surrounding Chicagoland area for over a decade, and our technicians have the expertise to wrap whatever comes their way. Call today, and make sure your belongings are stored safe and sound!