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Humidity Mold and Your Boat by Unlimited Shrinkwrap

How Mold Affects You and Your Boat

We all come in contact with mold at some point and in small amounts it generally doesn’t have a very big impact on our health. However, there are many issues that can arise from an overload of mold and mildew build-up. Here are some things to know when it comes to mold on your boat: […]

Image of a boat on tractor that has been shrinkwrapped

Why You Should Be Shrink Wrapping Your Boat

There are lots of maintenance tasks that boaters know you need to perform regularly to keep your craft in top shape—cleaning, waxing, oil changes, checking the propeller, etc. But what do you do to care for your boat when it’s not in use, during the winter months or in transit on a long trip? Do […]

Why Boat Shrinkwrap by Unlimited Shrinkwrap

Why Shrink Wrap My Boat?

For those of us who must leave their boat in the elements of the off season: Winter is coming and you wonder “What is all of this talk about shrink wrap? I have a perfectly good tarp”. Well yes, a tarp is a good start. However, it will require you consistently trudging through the blizzards […]

Image of a boat with boat shrink wrap

Protecting Your Boat through Winter

Boat Shrink Wrap is Your Solution! Owning a boat is a big investment, but one that can bring joy and excitement to your life for many years so long as it is taken good care of. There’s nothing worse than waiting out the winter for that first warm day when you can take your boat […]