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7 Reasons You Should Choose Unlimited Shrinkwrap

Need Shrink Wrap Services? Here’s Why You Should Choose Us! Do you have valuable property that needs to sit outside all winter? Or are you concerned about some expensive piece of machinery that you need to transport? The repercussions of those items getting damaged are enough to make anyone sweat. Thankfully, properly installed shrink wrap [...]

Residential Shrink Wrap for Winter

Why Is Residential Shrink Wrap Especially Important in Winter? Fall is here and that means it’s time to start preparing for the harsh weather conditions that will soon be upon us. Don’t allow your patio furniture to rust and wear down. Unlimited Shrinkwrap can help you protect your investments and keep your outdoor furniture and [...]

How to Use Shrink Wrap to Ship and Store Artwork

Shrink Wrap Will Protect Your Art Pieces from Dust and Moisture When you go to an art museum or gallery, you know you’re not allowed to touch the paintings. This is because paintings can be delicate. Depending on the types of paint, paper, canvas, etc., the oils on your fingers can degrade and distort the [...]

Equipment for Personal, Commercial, and Industrial Shrink Wrap

Personal, Commercial, and Industrial Shrink Wrap Applications Each Require Different Gear Did you know you could shrink wrap your car? Your boat? Your… Nuclear reactor turbine? It seems like everything can be shrink wrapped. Wherever there’s an object of any size that needs to be protected from the elements, there’s an opportunity to apply this [...]

How Construction Shrink Wrap Promotes Workplace Safety

Protect Workers’ Health and Safety with Construction Shrink Wrap! No matter what industry you’re in or what service your company provides, nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of the people you work with. The construction industry is an especially dangerous line of work, with the highest number of annual fatal work injuries [...]