Whether you specialize in automobiles, cars, trucks, boats big and small, farm equipment or furniture. Unlimited Shrinkwrap’s commercial department can weatherize and protect anything you can think of and maybe a few things you didn’t. We can protect:

  • Commercial equipment

  • Job site security

  • Heat retention

  • Temporary work environments

  • Transportation protection

  • The list goes on and on…

Shrink wrapping can also provide protection from nuisance problems such as graffiti, rodents, birds, and people entering sensitive areas, buildings under construction, and property under investigation.

Exhaust stack for cruise ship before Exhaust stack for cruise ship after

Burner test unit before Burner test unit  After

Meat processing machine for Chicago cut before Meat processing machine for Chicago cut after

Rooftop Air Conditioning Units

WaterPark exhaust unit before WaterPark exhaust unit after

WaterPark Filtration unit before WaterPark Filtration unit in process