Concrete Transport

Buying a boat is a major investment. You’ve put a lot of your time and money into finding the perfect watercraft. The last thing you would want is for that beautiful vessel to get pummeled and ruined by the elements. That’s where we come in!

Unlimited Shrinkwrap offers complete protection from the elements for a wide variety of marine watercraft, ranging from yachts to jet skis.

We have offered shrink wrap services for 14 years. In that time, we have perfected our methods for protecting all types of sea vessels. So, you can rest assured that when you work with us, you are getting quality protection for your valuables.

Still, you may be asking, “Why would I want to shrinkwrap a boat?” There are two key situations where it’s wise to shrink wrap a boat: 1) in the winter and 2) during long-distance transport.

Winterization Services

When sitting outside, your boat has to endure dust, dirt, rain, and UV rays—but in the winter, especially here in the Midwest, you get the additional elements of snow, sleet, and slush. Factor in all the pests like bugs and rats that are looking for places to take shelter for the season, and that’s a lot of potential wear and tear on your watercraft.

It can be a lot of work managing those threats, especially in winter when you can’t even use your boat to feel like it’s worthwhile. Harbors in Chicago offer winter storage, but that gets expensive and you have to worry about your boat being in someone else’s hands.

That’s why marine shrink wrap is the preferable option: it’ll protect your boat from the elements and let you keep your boat on your own property without any hassle.

Shrink Wrap for the Long Haul

Picture of an outboard motor for a boat wrapped in blue shrink wrap.If you’re going to be transporting your boat over long distances, transportation shrink wrap is essential.

Shrink wrap effectively preserves all sorts of heavy machinery that needs protection during transport, including power station equipment, aircraft, space station parts, and yes, boats. Whether you’re hitching a boat to the back of your truck or driving it cross-country on the bed of a trailer, your watercraft needs to be protected from the elements as it makes its way to its destination.

The thick and strong shrink wrap material shields your boat from high winds on the highway, and the bullet wrap technique keeps the boat aerodynamic, so that rather than hitting it straight-on the wind slides past.

Boat shrink wrap will also protect the vessel from both inclement weather and sun damage. That way, your boat will get there just the same as when you left, no worse for all those hours or days of speeding through the outdoors.

Isn’t a Tarp Good Enough?

Picture of a pontoon boat winterized with white shrink wrap.You may already cover your boat in a tarp, and wonder what difference it would make to use shrink wrap instead. That’s a fair question. A tarp can give you a bit of peace of mind with the appearance of a sturdy covering, but boat shrink wrap delivers far superior protection from the elements:

  • A tarp may keep off some rain, but it isn’t secured with a tight seal the way shrink wrap is, so dust, pests, and moisture still have ways to get in.
  • Because it’s not pressed close to the boat’s surface and can flap around, a tarp is more liable to tear in high winds on the open road.
  • A tarp is vulnerable to sun damage and can itself scratch the surface of the watercraft it’s draped over.

Shrink wrap for boats simply offers superior protection.

Of course, shrink wrap works best when it’s applied by experienced professionals. Whether you have a personal watercraft, a private yacht, or a commercial vessel, Unlimited Shrinkwrap will provide the top-notch service you deserve.

Our heat system shrinks the film without damage to your equipment, leaving a seamless cover that prevents dust, dirt, snow, rain, wind, UV rays, and unwanted pests from penetrating the seal. Our venting and desiccant system also provides optimal airflow for stable temperatures and moisture control.

Save yourself the renovation work later, and give the team at Unlimited Shrinkwrap a call today!

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