Unlimited Shrinkwrap was started in 2004 by Rodney Schuh. Our company started out small with shrink wrap services Mchenry, shrink-wrapping boats, furniture and small items and has grown drastically over the years. The goal of Unlimited Shrinkwrap was then as it is now, to be the leader in the shrink wrap installation industry. Every day we strive to meet that goal and continue to grow and learn daily.

Unlimited Shrinkwrap team members are proud be your #1 Midwest service provider. Providing you services industrially, commercially and residentially.

We are not just a local company, we are contracted to travel all over the Midwest (depending on job) installing our protective shrink wrap. No task is too difficult or too large for Unlimited Shrinkwrap. In just these past few years Unlimited Shrinkwrap has grown rapidly and has been projected to the top of our field in the Midwest. The amount of growth our company has experience along with the importance and difficulty of our projects is unmatched. We are routinely working for marinas, individuals, private companies and the US government. Our portfolio and customer testimonials speak for itself. We do not cut corners and we pay extra special attention to detail. In the past five years alone Unlimited Shrinkwrap has been trusted with shrink wrapping equipment for the Government and private global companies.

We do not get asked to do these jobs because we are the lowest bidder but because we have a proven track record and past/current customer support. At Unlimited Shrinkwrap we are energetic and dependable professionals that love what we do and get excited about each and every project. It gives us the opportunity to succeed and wrap things that may have never been done before.

Whether we are wrapping boats, cars, furniture, industrial machinery or oil pipeline equipment. Unlimited Shrinkwrap put that same care and attention into each and every project.

Take some time to look around our website and see the many interesting projects both small and large that we have been fortunate to do.

Please feel free to contact us at our office or via email with pictures and dimensions, making it easier for us to get a bid together and get started on your project today!

Unlimited Shrinkwrap team!

shrink trailer side 1

shrink trailer side 2

shrnk trailer front